Review: Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L

There’s one thing that I do not like to do when traveling or going anywhere. Is when I have to carry anything with me. In most cases, if I didn’t have to take money, credit cards, or a phone, I would travel empty-handed. Maybe it was due to bad memories of high school lugging all my books around, but it seems like such a literal drag on me physically to have to bring anything with me. I just got to the point where I avoid bringing anything at all.

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Review: Segway-Ninebot Kickscooter F40A – A Scooter to Boot or Buy?

The electric scooter giant Ninebot released a new electric scooter earlier this year called the Segway-Ninebot F40A. It offers amazing stats that includes a distant reach of 40km and a capped speed of up to 25km/h. This electric scooter’s battery life can last for an hour and a half, assuming that you live around 20-45 minutes to and from your current destination, you can reach school, work, or the nearest mall in no time. Despite electric scooters being known as a great means for recreational and casual purposes, the...

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Review: Kabuto Carry on Suitcase – Keeps your things (and sanity) safe

When it comes to backpacks and luggage I have sort of a weak spot. I’m not really sure when it started or why. To me the lure of an item that has just the right amount of pockets for your belongings is extreme – just ask my wife. This is why when I first read about Kabuto’s Carry On Suitcase, I knew I would be hooked. Kabuto started off on Kickstarter promising a carry on suitcase that was secured with your fingerprint and a removable case for electronics. It...

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Review: Under Armor’s Latest Innovation in Bluetooth Footwear

Our clothes say much about us—specifically, the shoes on your feet. Likewise, your footwear or the lack of it can say much about you. Sometimes we might even sadly say, “He does not even have a pair of shoes.” Indicating the economic status of an individual, that they must be underprivileged. Many a restaurant even has a rule including “No shoes .. no service”. On the other hand, shoes can denote a bit of accomplishment or refined taste. I recall one teacher in secondary school could identify a type...

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Review: Ovolo Laneways Hotel in Melbourne, Australia

We might be living in a ‘COVID-19 Normal’ world now, however, the team at Ovolo Laneways in Melbourne is hoping to introduce you to a world full of wonder instead. I don’t think we will be seeing much international travel for a while, so now is the perfect time to explore Australia or perhaps even your own city. After all, a staycation could be just what you need to regain some Zen in your life and recharge those batteries.

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Review: Crumpler Mantra Backpack

Crumpler has turned itself into a household name because of its functional, long-lasting, and sturdy bags for all kinds of activities, from going to school to backpacking across the country. This Australian company has launched an array of bags, including the Crumpler Mantra. The Mantra is a flawless combination of style, functionality, reliability and comfort. While it may look like a fashionable city bag, the Mantra was built for the road. Spacious and heavy-duty, this weatherproof backpack is enough to fit everything you could possibly need.

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