Review: SevenFriday M1B/01 “URBAN EXPLORER”

SevenFriday is an interesting brand. It doesn’t have a long heritage but it has seen some tremendous success over the last decade of its existence. I would say SevenFriday is a premium lifestyle brand. The concepts and designs are done in Switzerland, the movements are Japanese and the manufacturing is in Hong Kong. I have always been attracted by the unique designs of SevenFriday watches which are bold, and in a juxtaposition of words, futuristic retro. Depending on your view, the watches evoke imagery of a spaceship or a...

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Review: Linde Werdelin Oktopus MoonLite

Watches can be a very personal experience. It can reflect your personal style, your mood or help elevate your outfit. It’s probably why so many of us spend so much time gazing with doe eyes at the literal cornucopia of timepieces available. So how do you stand out from the crowd when the person next to you might have the same Omega Speedmaster or Rolex Submariner. It’s not awkward by any means as they are beautiful watches, but if you really wanted something that is less likely you’ll ever...

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Review: Undone Basecamp Bronze Classic

In a watch market that is saturated by so many brands, how does one stand out? Undone Watches has answered this question by doing something a little different – let you be in charge of the design. For those unfamiliar with the brand, let me fill you in a little bit Undone Watches is a relatively young company which has been making custom timepieces for its customers for over 5 years. Blending of current shopping trends with traditional watchmaking allows each customer to create their own unique timepiece without...

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Review: Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU Watch

Ball is a brand that has a rich history spanning 130 years since its founding in 1891. Ball are based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland but have roots in the USA having being founded in Ohio. Ball made a name for itself during the growth of railroads in the United States following a head-on collision between two trains in 1891. Founder Webb C. Ball set up tests and standards for all watches used on US trains to ensure timekeeping was accurate and to avoid future disasters. This became the railroad...

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Review: ARCHIMEDE Pilot Chronograph TriKompax Watch

The ARCHIMEDE watch brand is a relative new-comer to the market – only launching in 2003. The Ickler family that designs and produces these timepieces has been manufacturing watchcases for almost a century. The first ARCHIMEDE watch was modelled on the classic Pilot design with extremely easy to read dials and numerals and was very popular from launch. Following the launch of the Pilot, there have been a succession of other families of watches under the ARCHIMEDE brand – Klassik, DeckWatch, SportTaucher and OutDoor. All made with the same...

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Review: Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Watch

Very few companies today have a 115 year heritage that has remained steadfast in its principles and values. It’s this heritage that keeps Oris at the forefront of watchmaking having “survived two world wars, crisis in the Swiss watch industry and the birth of the connected age.” An incredible story indeed. Scores of watches now make up the Oris collection – all manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Hölstein, Switzerland. We’ve been wearing a couple of timepieces from the Big Crown Pointer Date collection.

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