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Review: Borderlands 3 – A Lot to Loot and Shoot

Gearbox Software has returned to its most successful franchise by releasing Borderlands 3. This visually stunning, Max Max-like game offers more than just nostalgia. With a thirty-hour campaign, amusing narratives, and a diverse array of weaponry, Borderlands 3 is easy a step above its predecessors. We were first treated to the post-apocalyptic, “loot and shoot” game back in 2009, and since then, Borderlands has become one of the most popular RPG shooters to ever grace our consoles. In September of 2019, Gearbox Software released the fourth installment, Borderlands 3,...

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Review: NBA 2K21

The new NBA 2K21 captures the feel of a real-world basketball game, immersing you in the experience of being cheered on by thousands of fans as you make your shot. Those who have played the NBA 2K20 will find themselves in familiar territory with the NBA 2K21. It’s basically the same game but with several minor upgrades. As with all games by Visual Concepts and 2K Sports, NBA 2K21 looks as sharp and as visually pleasing as its predecessors. Released just two months before the PlayStation 5, the NBA...

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