Review: Acer Aspire VERO – A Mostly-Recycled Laptop With a Green Disposition

As far as personal computing goes, we live in a very fortunate time where there are multiple equally-functional (relatively speaking) platforms to choose from, without a huge amount of variability in their essential functions – they all perform the same basic types of tasks, each platform doing so with its own unique “flavor”. Beyond that, as long as you are comparing equivalent specs between machines, each of these platforms is great for certain use cases. What that means, however, is that with hardware and software being a relatively even...

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Review: Acer Helios 300 – The Insanely Powerful Predator

Games are becoming more and more realistic than ever! The quality of design for some of the biggest games of the year are so refined and beautiful, that a person can immerse themselves into them without realizing how much time they’ve been playing. That is, until the hardware hiccups and reminds us that we are playing a video game. This is why we need the most powerful computers on the market to keep up with the insane amount of detail. Meet the very powerful Predator Helios 300 Laptop.

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Review: Acer Nitro XV2 – Faster refreshes than you trying to buy a new graphics card

When choosing the right monitor for you and your specific setup there are a number of factors that you have to keep in mind. The first thing to nail down is what the main purpose of the monitor will be for. I’m someone who uses my PC for both my job and also for gaming. This means that I not only need something with a high refresh rate, but also something that makes it easy to look at code on it all day. Enter the Acer Nitro XV2. This...

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