Review: Jura Anchor for AirPods

The Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro are some of the best all around in-ear headphones that anyone can own, but they can be a slight nuisance to carry around. Many companies have created silicon cases, leather cases and plastic cases which all work, however the beautiful design of Apples products are something many people do not wish to hide. The company Jura decided to create something that works incredibly well and still allows its users to maintain that gorgeous Apple design. This is where the Jura Anchor was born!...

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Review: Zagg Pro Keys with Trackpad – Get More Done Faster

The iPad is an amazing device that can just about replace a laptop for most everyday users. Though any power user will tell you that no matter how good the touch interface is on an iPad, this on its own isn't quite enough. By adding mouse and trackpad support to iPadOS Apple finally paved the way for the iPad becoming the laptop replacement for its users. Apple has released its own keyboard and trackpad case for the iPad, but the price point is pretty hefty. Luckily this is where...

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