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Over the years, I’ve watched countless cooking shows. Way before Guy Fieri was all over Food Network, I was videotaping (yes, videotaping… as in VHS) cooking shows by chef celeb OGs like Graham Kerr, Ming Tsai, David Rosengarten, and Emeril Lagasse. Back then, the internet wasn’t much of a thing yet and you kept all...
People with passion are easy to spot. Just take a look at Tom Gozney and the incredible Pizza Ovens that are now available in Australia. From the portable Roccbox to the statement piece that is the Dome, the Gozney range will transform your outdoor dining experience forever.
The folks over at Hestan, makers of the Hestan Cue smart cooking system, have kindly agreed to extend a permanent discount of 20% off to all of SonnyDickson’s readers going forward, just by shopping at our custom link at The Hestan Cue Shop.  No coupon needed – just go wild!