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Review: Creative SXFI Theater

Om Patel - May 19, 2020

There’s no doubt that wired headphones are king, but each struggle to untangle those annoying headphone wires, more and more people are ditching their wired headphones for wireless ones.

Now, before you go, “Bluetooth headphones have delay!” because of the latency issues that average wireless headphones have, Creative has actually solved that issue with their Creative SXFI Theater. You can still be immersed in your movies or video games with full, booming surround sound that captures you from all angles.

The Creative SXFI Theater was released late in 2019 and is currently priced at $199.99. We know it’s on the more expensive side for a pair of headphones, but none of the other wireless headphones on the market use Creative’s SXFI technology. Its full surround sound system makes you forget it’s just a pair of headphones. It makes you feel like you’re actually in the movie theater. Continue Reading

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