Review: Hamilton Amazes Both Longtime Fans And Newcomers With Professionally Recorded Film

To say that Hamilton is a cultural phenomenon is almost an understatement. Since the musical first hit the big stage in 2015, it’s gained heaps of positive acclaim and a large unexpected fan following that have planted this play firmly in the cultural zeitgeist. A hip-hop musical about the founding fathers may have earned odd looks and scoffs at the beginning, but over time has garnered a following large enough to rival all other musicals, historical revolution-based or otherwise. However, despite its insurmountable fanbase, Hamilton could only be seen...

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Review: Frozen II Embarks On A Breathtakingly Grand Journey, Despite Occasionally Getting Lost In The Woods

Frozen (2013) was a cultural phenomenon, there’s no doubt about that. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone that hasn’t at least heard a great deal about it, especially anyone with kids. Frozen can be easily argued as one of the Walt Disney Company’s biggest films of all time, making $1.2 billion at the box office and selling over $107 billion worth of merchandise. Given these monstrously gigantic figures, it doesn’t take a financial strategist to understand why Disney would want to make Frozen into a full franchise. And that...

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Review: The Lion King (2019) – Roars To Life With Indomitable Visuals

The 1990’s, also known as Disney’s Renaissance Era in regards to their animated features of the time, is a period of great nostalgia for the young adults of today. It began nearly 30 years ago, making it a prime time for bringing beloved pieces of that past to the present. Disney has buckled down on this, bringing a huge number of live action reboots and retellings with a prominent focus on movies from that period (as well as a few of their timeless early classics). From the Renaissance, Aladdin,...

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Review: Toy Story 4 – Unexpected Sequel Soars to Infinity and Beyond

The Toy Story saga is a franchise that is often viewed as the gold standard for animated movies, and for good reason. Way back in 1995, Pixar brought us the first ever full-length computer-animated film with Toy Story, which was a critical hit and a technological marvel of its time. Pixar continued to hit it out of the park with Toy Story 2 and 3, making a trilogy of movies that were heralded as near-perfect masterpieces of animation. Even though the first two are now a little bit dated...

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Review: Aladdin – Classic Brought to Reality

As many fans know, the Disney Renaissance was a revolutionary time period for animation that took place from about 1989 to 1999. We have this period to thank for many beloved titles such as The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Mulan, and Aladdin. Nearly every movie released at that time was a smash hit and most became instant classics that any respectable kid would enjoy on VHS for hours on end. Now that it’s 2019, the generation that grew up with these films have grown...

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