Preview: The New Ford Ranger

The Next-Gen Ford Ranger is a hugely important vehicle to Australia, and for Australia. Its global design and development has been led by a passionate and dedicated team from Ford Australia who has stopped at nothing to listen to customers and drive that knowledge into what will be one of the most capable trucks ever made.

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Review: 2015 Ford Mondeo

The Ford Mondeo has certainly taken a long time to be released to the public. It was first previewed back in late 2012 to be released soon after, but due to several delays, it actually took until the 2014 model year to be released in the European markets. So, how does the 2015 Ford Mondeo stack up to it’s other mid-size competitors, and was the long delay worth it? The Ford Mondeo has matured a lot since the previous generation. The exterior and interior design has been completely revised...

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