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The Gozney Roccbox for Gourmet Garden Pizzas
Some culinary inspiration to go with the coolest pizza oven around!
Today I’d like to talk about Gozney, a name that may not be familiar to everyone, including myself, until recently. However, I quickly discovered that I had been missing out on something truly remarkable. The Gozney Company was established by Tom Gozney, and hearing his story was truly inspiring.
People with passion are easy to spot. Just take a look at Tom Gozney and the incredible Pizza Ovens that are now available in Australia. From the portable Roccbox to the statement piece that is the Dome, the Gozney range will transform your outdoor dining experience forever.
One of our traditional hallmarks here at SonnyDickson is not only to report on and demonstrate new innovations, but also to give you a peek behind the scenes at the people, the ideas, and the deeper driving concepts that result in these products being available for you at home. Today, we bring you just such...