iFixit Screwdriver Bit Sets – Which One Should You Buy?

We all know how it starts. One day you’re just living out your life like normal, until an accident happens. Maybe your phone slipped out of your hand, you spilled water on your laptop or even your car just refuses to start. You regret it happening, think about how the situation could’ve been avoided, maybe even spit out a few profanities; but there’s no turning back now. Your once perfectly working device is now broken, and you need to get it fixed.   Perhaps you consider going to the...

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Review: iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit – Above All the Rest

The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit provides the consumer with a well above average repair kit, for an extremely affordable price. The tools packed inside are of extremely high quality and feel great when in use. My personal favorite tool from the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit is the iFixit screwdriver; the smooth metallic finish feels amazing in the hand! It’s extraordinarily clear that quality was the number one priority when creating this tool kit. The Only Toolkit You’ll Ever Need The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit also includes an extremely large...

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