The Mystery of MediMac: Apple’s Secret Internal Support Team!

Deep inside the structure of Apple Inc, there is a small division called MediMac. Seemingly sounding like a repair shop for Macs, it is in fact quite a different beast.  It is where Apple develops, tests and perfects all of their prototypes. MediMac is designed to assist the select few who are given Apple prototypes. MediMac is more than just a help desk, once an idea has been conceptualized and given to hardware to make the components, MediMac takes over and plays an important role in the forming and...

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Take a Look at Apple’s Secret Internal Training Video for Authorized Service Providers!

Authorized Service Providers are one of the strongest parts of the history of the Mac – before Apple started building their own retail stores, authorized service providers were the only place you could go to have your Apple computers repaired, but what exactly do those friendly technicians have to go through before they’re allowed to work on your Apple device? We’ve gotten our hands on one of the secret training videos used to initiate technicians at Apple Authorized Service Providers, including the ideas and values they are expected to...

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