Review Brava Smart Oven – Cooking With The Raw Power of Light

While many kitchen technology products are very similar to one another, especially when it comes to countertop or “toaster ovens,” Brava aims to transform this experience with their light-powered countertop oven in exciting new ways: by allowing full, complete control from your smartphone, tons of customization options, and by using targeted infrared and visible light spectrums to cook multiple types of food with different cooking needs at the same time. But does it really deliver on its promises? Welcome to cooking with the power of light!

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Review: Tovala Steam Oven – The Oven That Makes Home Cooking Easy

As an enthusiast of both kitchen-craft and technology, I am constantly tinkering with new ways of doing things in the kitchen, and new devices of all kinds to make the kitchen a more exciting place, especially devices that introduce an entirely new concept into my arsenal. As such, I wanted the first device review to launch our new segment focusing on home kitchen and cooking technology innovation to be something very clever and truly fascinating. The Tovala Steam Oven took up that mantle quite nicely. But does it live...

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