Review: Seagate and Lacie SSD’s – Fast, Tiny, and Ultra Portable

Solid-state drives were made commercially available back in 1991. Since then, technology has overhauled the size, the price, and the speed of these drives, while at the same time lowering the cost and raising the storage limit. We all want safe and reliable solutions for saving our personal files locally. Keeping these items stored carefully and securely while not leaving a huge footprint is the hope. Well, today we’re checking out two of the tiniest external SSD’s on the market. Seagate’s One Touch and Lacie’s Smallest Portable Solid-State Drives.

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Review: LaCie’s 1big Dock SSD Pro – The BIG Storage Dock for Your Professional Needs

Many creative professionals, especially videographers, editors, and graphic artists, use peripherals for different kinds of projects every day. However, with such devices, comes the need for extra adapters, ports, hubs, and extra storage space. High-quality hubs and docks, especially, are usually pricey. And the pricier ones are almost most likely the ones that you would need to get your devices to work properly and efficiently. LaCie, a computer hardware company, specializes in external hard drives, RAID arrays, optical drives, Flash Drives, and computer monitors. And today we will be...

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Review: LaCie 2big RAID – Made for Photographers

For years, photographers have had to deal with the booming size of RAW files. Many photographers have resorted to buying Cloud storage, moving files to cheap external drives, and even deleting precious RAW images and videos just to make space. This is why reliable storage solutions like the LaCie 2big RAID have become ‘go-to’ options for many professionals with work that constantly involves large bulks of files and other data. The LaCie 2big RAID is aimed at creatives like photographers, videographers, and music producers who produce massive amounts of...

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