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LG Celebrates 10 Years of OLED with new TV Range
Discover the Latest OLED TV Models for 2023: A Comprehensive Guide
LG Electronics Australia has announced its latest TV lineup for 2023, which is the most advanced, user-friendly, and customised range of TVs ever introduced. LG has been leading the global OLED technology for a decade now, and its newest models come with intelligent upgrades, innovative features, and distinctive designs that cater to all types of customers.
It’s that magical time of year again – Christmas is fast approaching, and the countdown to the ultimate holiday is officially underway. With that in mind, it’s time for retailers to begin their annual Christmas gift guide campaigns. The team from LG have kicked off their Christmas campaign with a great selection of gift ideas.
When it comes to screen real-estate the typical response it to go wider, not taller. That's where LG has been thinking vertically and come out with the 28" DualUp Monitor. Think of it as two 21.5" sitting on top of each other. More really can be more.