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Review: Genesis GV70 – Luxury and Performance Combined in an SUV
A bold and stylish SUV designed for those who demand more.
The Genesis GV70 is a masterpiece that combines luxury and performance in a single SUV. This vehicle is designed to impress with its modern head-turning exterior that stands out from the pack. But it's not just about looks - the Genesis GV70 also delivers on safety, comfort, and space. The interior is spacious and plush, with premium materials and advanced technology to make every journey a pleasure. Genesis has taken on one of the most competitive automotive segments with the GV70 and is doing a fine job earning its keep.
Review: Genesis G70 Shooting Brake – All the Thrills, Without the Space
A sleek and dynamic wagon that combines performance with practicality
The Genesis G70 Shooting Brake, a mid-size tourer with a conventional rear-wheel-drive setup and powertrain, exudes a lively and athletic vibe rooted in grace and sophistication. It's all about high-performance luxury, and this car doesn't disappoint!
Kia is currently experiencing a winning streak. One of their most popular vehicles, the award-winning Kia Sportage, is garnering attention for its sporty and chic design and is enjoying great success. The midsize crossover SUV category has become increasingly popular, particularly among younger customers who are looking for something compact yet enjoyable for the whole family. The 2022 Kia Sportage GT-Line is their latest addition to this lineup and we've been driving it.