Review: ETHOS Earthworks Audio XLR Microphone

Earthworks has a reputation for its influence in genuine sound presence and clarity, and once again Earthworks delivers another premium product that is sure to make a big noise. Their newest ETHOS XLR mic for broadcasting is something many Podcasters and YouTubers will want to seriously check out! Let’s listen in and hear what we can expect from this product.

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Review: Earthworks Audio ICON USB Microphone

Quality is key when it comes to sounding professional. People all over the world search for high quality microphones that can produce the most naturalistic sound for their interviews, podcasts, promotional recordings, voice overs and live events. Earthworks is a company that dominates the competition by creating products that give the absolute best, natural, professional sound, while somehow avoiding the extra pops and ticks that so many other pro mics will pick up.   

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