Review: Motorola Edge 20

If you have a budget that is as limited as mine, you may think that you can’t afford much of a smartphone. It seems like all the cool high-tech stuff is prohibitively expensive. For someone like me, it’s easy to think that the only affordable options are those throwaway burners you find in convenience stores. So, when I had the opportunity to review the Motorola Edge 20, I was absolutely blown away by the impression it left on me. So, what can you get for less than $300USD? (Yup,...

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Review: Motorola Moto G8 – A Durable Performer

We recently tested the moto e6s smartphone from Motorola and we were very impressed with the performance and capabilities of a sub $200 device. This week we have moved up a notch in the range to the moto g8. Sitting between the moto e range and the Motorola one family, the g8 is packed with all the features you want in a sturdy and durable every-day device.

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Review: Motorola Moto e6s – Less Can Be More

The Motorola moto e family shows that the size of the sticker price of a smartphone is in no way related to its hardware and software features. Ever since Google sold Motorola to Lenovo in 2014, the engineers have been working away on a range of devices that provide a robust and elegant form-factor matched to the 9th Generation of Google’s Android operating system. The moto e6s is a new entrant for Motorola in the Australian market. With an RRP of $179 this is one of the best value...

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