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MSI Breakthrough: Unparalleled AI Performance at CES 2024!
Transformative Gaming Handheld with CoreTM Ultra and Intel® Core™ Ultra Laptops
MSI has introduced the Claw, the world’s first gaming handheld powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra Processor. This device features ARC™ graphics with up to 8 Xe cores and advanced XeSS technology, ensuring smooth gameplay. Its robust HyperFlow cooling system, 53Wh battery, and Thunderbolt 4 connectivity make it an exceptional handheld gaming device. “In our commitment...
MSI, a world-leading laptop brand, has proudly unveiled its all-new laptop lineups equipped with the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs and up to 13th Gen Intel® Core™ HX series processors. With the leap of performance boosting and the awarded recognition at CES, MSI is pushing the peak of performance and innovation with a...
Performance laptops come in all shapes and sizes. The Creator series from MSI is an impressive Windows based laptop that gives any content creator a very robust platform to keep the creative juices flowing well after the competition has called it a night.