iPhone 6 Logic Board Confirms NFC

Our friends over at Feld & Volk have provided us with some exclusive pictures of the iPhone 6’s logic board that confirm this year’s iPhone will be equipped with NFC. After two years of rumors claiming that the iPhone 5 would be equipped with NFC, the iPhone 6 will finally receive it. The photo below shows us the iPhone 6’s motherboard, equipped with chips such as the AVAGO and the Apple A8 chip which is said to be 2GHz dual-core 20nm 64-bit A8 CPU and much faster and smaller than the 1.3GHz 28nm A7 chip.

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Leaked Parts Prove iPhone 5 Will Not Have NFC or a Fingerprint Scanner

Last week the internet went into a tizzy about the possibility of the next generation iPhone including NFC. A picture of what appears to be the new iPhone display had been leaked with what appears to be a square bracket that could house an NFC chip. There has also been a lot of talk about Apple including Authentec’s ‘Fingerprint Scanner’ solution as early as the next generation iPhone. Some people have speculated that the next iPhone would be too soon whilst others have said that Apples rush to purchase Authentec...

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