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Review: Pad & Quill iPhone 12 Cases – Luxury in Your Hands

The iPhone 12 was just released, and if you’re like everyone else, you pre-ordered it, got in line for it, and are obsessed with it. Now that you have your precious phone in your hands, what’s the next step? Extend your excitement over your shiny new mobile phone by decking it out in an equally beautiful phone case. There are plenty of choices out there, from clear plastic ones to embellished ones that will make people stop and stare. But when it comes to dressing your brand-new iPhone 12,...

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Review: Pad & Quill Contega Thin Case

There is no greater satisfaction as a designer than setting up a beautiful workspace and immersing yourself in work, especially now more than ever before. For years now, ever since I got my first iPad, I have considered the case as the most relevant accessory you can get for an iPad. No matter how often or not you use it, a protective case is the first thing that you interact with most, so never underestimate its importance. Having tested the Pad & Quill Contega Thin case for three weeks...

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