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Review: Lenovo Legion Go – Next-Level Gaming On-the-Go!
Your Gaming Arsenal, Anywhere, Anytime!
If you’re in the market for a gaming PC that offers portability, power, and versatility while delivering top-notch performance for a wide range of games, then look no further. Lenovo, known for its innovation and quality, has once again raised the bar with its newest creation – the Lenovo Legion Go. This portable gaming device...
When it comes to screen real-estate the typical response it to go wider, not taller. That's where LG has been thinking vertically and come out with the 28" DualUp Monitor. Think of it as two 21.5" sitting on top of each other. More really can be more.
AquaNox: Deep Descent is the reboot of the original AquaNox series that was highly popular back in the late 90s. This latest game was Kickstarted back in 2015 and has finally reached our shores, ready for a full review. AquaNox: Deep Descent was developed by an indie team called Digital Narrow and was published by...