Review: Roccat Burst Core Gaming Mouse

A Mouse for Gaming? Gaming mice are a dime a dozen these days. It seems most tech companies have their own brands and even sub brands within them. It can be extremely overwhelming trying to find one that completely fits your needs. Chances are when you bought your PC it came with a default mouse that covers all the bases, left click, right click, mouse wheel, etc… Why should you care about getting a gaming specific mouse or, more specifically, the Roccat Burst Core – Extreme Lightweight Optical Core...

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Review: Turtle Beach Recon 200 – One headset for any console.

For years Turtle Beach has been synonymous with affordable quality headsets.  I have purchased many different gaming headsets over the years and have found myself going back to Turtle Beach again and again.  It was not until recently that I have made the jump into more powerful and pricier headsets but I can’t deny my past experiences with, and love for, Turtle Beach products. Appearance Straight out of the box the headset itself is very slick.  Compared to other headsets it is medium sized.  It isn’t very flashy with...

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Review: Aquanox Deep Descent – Sink or Swim?

AquaNox: Deep Descent is the reboot of the original AquaNox series that was highly popular back in the late 90s. This latest game was Kickstarted back in 2015 and has finally reached our shores, ready for a full review. AquaNox: Deep Descent was developed by an indie team called Digital Narrow and was published by THQ Nordic in 2020. With more than two decades between the original game and this reimagining, it’s no surprise that fans are holding their breath with high expectations. The game introduces you to your...

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Review: RIDE 4 – One of the Best Bike Racing

2020 has been a great year for fans of racing games. In March, we were treated to TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2, which offered death-defying thrills on wheels. In April, Milestone released MotoGP 20, giving us a taste of realistic, high-speed motorcycle racing. In October, Milestone returned with the RIDE 4, a bike racing experience that emulates Gran Turismo for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. If you enjoyed the license tests in Gran Turismo, you’ll find yourself in familiar territory with RIDE...

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