New Signature Edition Roccbox Pizza Oven – The Dream for Everyone to Enjoy Open Fire Pizza.

There are times in our lives that we may feel unworthy or that we are failing. These are the times that we need to look for examples around us, that will give us motivation. Today, that example is Tom Gozney. The person who had the odds against him, due to the pressures of the world with substance abuse. He then found his passion and sliced his way back, creating the Roccbox pizza oven. His journey went from hardship and frustration to becoming a visionary designer. His successful goal, was...

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Interview: Tom Gozney, The Godfather of Modern Home Pizza

One of our traditional hallmarks here at SonnyDickson is not only to report on and demonstrate new innovations, but also to give you a peek behind the scenes at the people, the ideas, and the deeper driving concepts that result in these products being available for you at home. Today, we bring you just such a story – about pizza, determination, healing, and a man named Tom Gozney.

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Gozney Roccbox Accessories – Making An Awesome Product Even Better

Last year, we did a review on the Gozney Roccbox and a lot of people enjoyed it. With such an amazing product, it’s no question as to why so many people enjoy their Gozney Roccbox. With the offer to review even more Gozney products, we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Here are our thoughts on just some of the accessories Gozney offers as additions to the Roccbox.

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Review: Gozney Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven

Delicious and Fast, Gourmet Food Made From The Comfort of Your Own Home. From the sleek design to the top quality food this restaurant grade portable oven can help create, the Roccbox is by far the best pizza oven I’ve ever used. With so many different portable ovens on the market, what makes this model the chef’s choice for creating the perfect pizza? Let’s find out.

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