Review: Plugable 4K Displayport – UD-6950PDZ

The Plugable USBC Triple 4k HDMI and Displayport Display Horizontal Docking Station is a very impressive accessory catered to those who have laptops and are looking to expand their ports and displays. Regardless of its ridiculously long name this device has its uses but for the high price point is it necessary? The box that the Plugable Displayport comes in is extremely generic and the initial reveal was lacking. Not to mention the single small instruction “booklet” it came with had four pictures and roughly 25 words on it....

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Review: Plugable USB Docking Station – More Than Just a Hub

I recall my introductory computing class in middle school. One of our vocabulary words was peripheral. To this day, I have trouble pronouncing it correctly, and don’t ask me to spell it without the aid of a spellchecker. It is defined as a term meaning, Peripheral: connected to a computer but not an essential part of it. Back then, most of the computers were a single unit. But we knew that a Peripheral could be a light pen or a mouse. The teacher told us a mouse was easier...

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