Hands-On With Apple’s Unique Dual-Microphone iPad Mini Prototype

According to our sources, Apple had originally planned to incorporate what appears to be a second microphone in the recent version of the iPad mini. The photo’s below shows the prototype iPad mini with an extra hole centered atop the rear of the device. It is unclear as to why Apple withheld the second microphone from the final product release, my guesses would be that it was axed out to cut down on cost, or to be preserved for a future generation iPad mini. The current generation iPad mini...

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A Close-Up Look at Apple’s Never-Before-Seen Internal “MMI” Software (Captured from an iPad 2 Prototype)

Apple is about as meticulous about leak control as a dentist is about a patient brushing their teeth. There is no better way to exemplify Apple’s precautions than to show something that has been in captivity for quite some time. Apple’s SwitcherBoard app is well-hidden, it was recently removed from the Apple Store and it is now hidden with link-only availability that can only be only downloaded with certain keychains and a specified VPN.

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Hands On With a Never-Before-Seen iPhone 4 Prototype – With an Awesome-Looking Back Plate! (Video)

I’ve just got my hands on an iPhone 4 prototype that features an Apple internal backplate. The software loaded on the device is called Switchboard, which is an Apple diagnostics software. This prototype doesn’t have the two screws at the bottom of the phone and the grills for the speaker and microphone are a bit bigger. There is a SIM card tray on the right hand side. On the left hand side it has the standard volume keys and the silent switch. Besides the obvious logo differences on the back,...

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Hands-On With a Secret Internal 3rd-Gen iPod Touch Prototype

I’ve just got my hands on an iPod Touch, running Apple’s Diagnostic Software. The Device has a Software labelled, Switchboard. Switchboard basically runs a self diagnosis to ensure the device has no problems. The back looks like chrome and, just like older iPods, scratches pretty easy. The volume buttons are on the side and the sleep/wake button is on the top. We have checked the serial number and its shows that it’s an iPod Touch (Late 2009) with 32GB of memory and features a rear camera which is oddly placed in...

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