Samsung A30 Smart Lock

Samsung has just released their A30 Smart Lock via Bunnings with an RRP of $569. The WiFi-connected Smart Lock is the perfect addition to any existing security door providing award-winning design and security.

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Review: Samsung Galaxy S10+

In a world of smartphones dominated by notches, Samsung was the only company to stick to its industrial design of curved sides and thick top and bottom bezels. While some would say that this looked “old-fashioned” , others would choose words like “practical” and “symmetric”. And now with its latest offering, the Galaxy S10/S10+, Samsung has gone back to the drawing board to create a design that reflects the smartphone of today. I have spent one month with the Galaxy S10+ as my daily driver and here’s my review....

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First Photos of the Samsung Galaxy S5

There’s been a leaked document floating around showing off Samsung’s latest Galaxy device, the Galaxy S5. This design has been sent to companies to create cases for their upcoming device. As mentioned above, this is an official document meaning the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be as displayed in the picture. The phone will have a 5.25-inch display which is a little bigger than the current S4’s screen. Besides the small changes in the screen size, it seems like Samsung has decided to keep much of the phone the same....

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First Photos of the Samsung Galaxy Note III Screen

Just when you thought we were only posting iPhone parts, we’ve just gotten our hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen. The photos have been given to us by a trusted source in China who has had access to device parts in the past. The display of the Note 3 looks to be slightly bigger than its predecessor. One other notable feature is the reduction of bezels on the side of the device, making this phone mostly screen with little distraction otherwise. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is rumored...

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