Review: Seagate and Lacie SSD’s – Fast, Tiny, and Ultra Portable

Solid-state drives were made commercially available back in 1991. Since then, technology has overhauled the size, the price, and the speed of these drives, while at the same time lowering the cost and raising the storage limit. We all want safe and reliable solutions for saving our personal files locally. Keeping these items stored carefully and securely while not leaving a huge footprint is the hope. Well, today we’re checking out two of the tiniest external SSD’s on the market. Seagate’s One Touch and Lacie’s Smallest Portable Solid-State Drives.

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Review: Seagate BarraCuda Fast SSD

Our whole lives are stored in electronic devices. From smartphones to laptops, having enough storage is always a necessity, but we always seem to be running out of space. While many companies are offering cloud storage, it will never live up to the standards held by external hard drives. Enter the Seagate Barracuda Fast SSD. If you follow the latest news on the storage market, you’ll know that Seagate has come through with several products under their “Fast” brand. Now, with the Barracuda Fast, they’re giving us upgraded hardware,...

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Review: FireCuda Gaming Dock 4TB + 1TB Extension

Is this illuminating, quietly fast warhorse external hard drive and docking station for me? It would seem that every person who has a computer, or more specifically, a slim laptop, should contemplate using an external drive of some sort. With so many external hard drives on the market, which type and brand is the best one for your personal needs? To start, let’s break down the needs and uses of an external HD.

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