Review: 2020 Kia Stinger GT Carbon Edition

I have written of my fondness for Kia’s vehicles on more than one occasion here at, so my expectations were pretty high when I slid behind the wheel of the 2020 Kia Stinger GT Carbon Edition. The Carbon Edition is a limited run model sitting at the top of the Stinger range next to the Night Sky Edition. Think of the Carbon Edition as more sporty and spirited and the Night Sky Edition as luxurious, soft and supple – but still very much a Stinger.

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Review: 2020 Genesis G70 2.0T Sport

I have often marvelled at car companies like Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen who at the peak of their product offerings had ranges that spanned hundreds of thousands of dollars and addressed every market segment from micro to mega-luxury. Even today, Mercedes-Benz has a range that starts with the A180 and goes all the way up to the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. Back in 2007 Hyundai launched a large saloon called the Genesis and marketed it as a ‘modern rear-wheel-drive sports sedan’ which it certainly was. Then in 2015 Hyundai split the Genesis...

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Review: 2020 Toyota Camry Ascent Sport Hybrid

Growing up, my Dad worked for a company specialising in agriculture. We spent many hours of our school holidays cris-crossing Western NSW visiting cousins and friends whilst Dad went about his business. His company cars back then were always Fords. First a couple of Falcons, then a Fairmont, before a few Fairmont Ghias, then Fairlanes as he ascended the corporate ladder.

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Review: 2020 KIA Stinger 200S

The Stinger has been available in Australia for a number of years now and recently received a mid-life upgrade for the 2020 range. I have to admit I was very much looking forward to getting behind the wheel as Kia has endured quite the renaissance in recent years with wholesale styling and engineering changes across the entire range that now spans 10 product lines. It was a very damp day in Sydney when I collected the Stinger 200S finished in Silky Silver and black leather interior. The 200S is...

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Review: 2015 Ford Mondeo

The Ford Mondeo has certainly taken a long time to be released to the public. It was first previewed back in late 2012 to be released soon after, but due to several delays, it actually took until the 2014 model year to be released in the European markets. So, how does the 2015 Ford Mondeo stack up to it’s other mid-size competitors, and was the long delay worth it? The Ford Mondeo has matured a lot since the previous generation. The exterior and interior design has been completely revised...

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Review: 2015 Volvo S60 Polestar

For my first car review, I thought it would be cool to try and dispel some old stigmas associated with car brands. In this case, Volvo. You see, in the past the word Volvo was always associated with the color beige, and taxes. It really didn’t make my heartbeat faster, or my pants any tighter that say an Audi, Benz, or Bimmer did. Volvo’s never really did anything for me, because I always felt that they were boring cars; not something that a young, lofty kid like me would...

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