Review: Soundcore Motion Boom Outdoor Speaker

Being a part of Generation X means that you grew up during the 80s, and music is an important influence in a part of your life. So many of us went from eight tracks to iPhones. My first official music purchase was the Eagles hotel California on Cassette, and I paid $14. I know generations before us had to go to a place that had music for them, or they had to find a place to listen to music; however, in my lifetime, you carried your music with you....

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Review: Liberty 3 Pro Earbuds from Soundcore

High Quality Sound That Is Tailored And Unique To You The revolutionary sound and immersion that Anker has worked so hard on creating, is finally being showcased in the top of the line Liberty 3 Pro Earbuds from Soundcore. With all of the different earbuds on the market today, what really makes these from Soundcore so special and stand out among others? Let’s find out.

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Review: Anker SoundCore Frames – Reframe Your Sound

Headphones, earphones and earbuds are considered normal personal listening and communication accessories. They have batteries, speakers, microphones, touch controls and connect over bluetooth. The attempt to create streamlined smart sunglasses that blend in with normal eyewear, while having the same functionality, has been a struggle for years. Unlike headphones that can be unique and not draw attention to the wearer, everyone can tell there is something different with sunglasses that have big thick arms on both sides wrapping the users ears. . . That is of course, until now!...

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