Thunderbolt 3

Review: LaCie’s 1big Dock SSD Pro – The BIG Storage Dock for Your Professional Needs

Many creative professionals, especially videographers, editors, and graphic artists, use peripherals for different kinds of projects every day. However, with such devices, comes the need for extra adapters, ports, hubs, and extra storage space. High-quality hubs and docks, especially, are usually pricey. And the pricier ones are almost most likely the ones that you would need to get your devices to work properly and efficiently. LaCie, a computer hardware company, specializes in external hard drives, RAID arrays, optical drives, Flash Drives, and computer monitors. And today we will be...

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Review: OWC Envoy Express Thunderbolt Enclosure – DIY Addition

Three things come in limited supply—Time, Space, and Money. The challenge comes in balancing all of them. That can be especially true when it comes to our laptops. To be mobile, they are generally light and expensive. However, they are sadly limited in space. That is to say, insufficient memory. You may find the easiest way to expand your device’s memory capacity is an external storage medium. OWC has come up with a way to help you stay within those three, your Time, Space, and Money. The Envoy Express...

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