Review: Toyota Supra GT – The Complete Package

There’s a common thought in business that the most successful companies are those that are open and willing to partner with other companies to achieve sustainable growth – especially during tough times. In the last decade, Toyota has partnered with Subaru on the GT86 / BRZ and more recently they have partnered with BMW on the Z4 / Supra. In both cases, the outcomes were exceptional for Toyota.

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Review: 2020 Toyota Hilux Rugged X

Depending on where you grew up and whether your upbringing was urban or rural, it’s highly likely that you know what a Hilux is. Like Google or Atari or Qantas or GoPro, Hilux is a combination of letters that lacks any ambiguity. From movies such as Back to The Future to iconic TV shows such as Top Gear, the Hilux has been worshipped for its iconic looks and immense toughness. The latest and greatest version – the Rugged X – is a monument to the 52-year-old legacy that is...

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Review: 2020 Toyota Camry Ascent Sport Hybrid

Growing up, my Dad worked for a company specialising in agriculture. We spent many hours of our school holidays cris-crossing Western NSW visiting cousins and friends whilst Dad went about his business. His company cars back then were always Fords. First a couple of Falcons, then a Fairmont, before a few Fairmont Ghias, then Fairlanes as he ascended the corporate ladder.

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