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The Twelve South HiRise 3 is a wireless charging station that can charge an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and a pair of AirPods all at once! It is the latest charging stand to catch some attention. Let’s take a closer look!
With more people working from home because of you-know-what, Twelve South has a bountiful collection of beautiful desktop accessories and devices which look good, work hard and make your devices even more useful. Here are a few of our favorites and we’re going to tell you all about them.
iPad stands are a dime a dozen. A single search on Amazon will offer you hundreds of choices, from the minimalist to the whimsical. However, most of the stands on the market are unimpressive. Nothing truly distinguishes one stand from the other. They’re essentially variations of one another — a mere “copy-and-paste”. Twelve South’s HoverBar...