Review: Google Pixel Tablet – Redefining the Tablet Landscape

Google Tablet: The Smart Home Hero

Depending on our propensity to embrace or eschew the advancement of technology in our daily lives, the Google Pixel Tablet represents an evolutionary step towards the future. A future that was envisaged by notable Sci-Fi authors and filmmakers of the past.

Design: A Familiar Yet Appealing Look

The Pixel Tablet boasts a clean and uncluttered design that feels quintessentially Google. Available in two colour options – Hazel and Porcelain – the Pixel Tablet fits seamlessly into most modern interiors. The aluminium chassis exudes a sense of premium quality, while the slim bezels maximize screen real estate. Although a bit of a stretch for some, it sits comfortably in one hand for extended periods thanks to its lightweight (1.1 lbs) and well-balanced form factor. There is also a Pixel Tablet case which can be bought separately. This features an oval-shaped ring on the reverse which acts as an adjustable stand and conveniently as a guide for correctly positioning the tablet on the charging dock (more about that soon).

Display: Crisp Visuals for Work and Play

The Pixel Tablet features a vibrant 10.95″ (2560 x 1600) display screen. Text appears sharp and colours are rich and accurate, making it ideal for tasks like browsing the web, editing photos, or watching movies.

The bezels are slightly thicker than what some high-end tablets offer, but they’re not so intrusive as to be a major drawback.  The display gets plenty bright for most indoor use cases, but it can struggle a bit under direct sunlight.

Performance: Powering Through Everyday Tasks

The Google Pixel Tablet is equipped with the Google Tensor G2 chip, the same chip found in the Pixel 7 series of phones. This translates to smooth performance of everyday tasks like web browsing, social media scrolling, and light gaming with the additional reassurance of added security benefits. Occasional gamers may also benefit from the advantages the G2 chip has to offer although high-intensity gamers might find gameplay sluggish at times.

One of the distinctive features of the tablet is its ability to split-screen. This allows users to conduct separate tasks with ease.

Having said that however, one of the other standout features of this tablet is its ability to link with up to eight different Google accounts. So, you can share the tablet among family and friends safe in the knowledge that your digital space is not going to be violated by others’, obscure and irrelevant data.

As you would expect, the Google Pixel Tablet software offers tight integration with Google services. From seamless casting to effortless note-taking, the tablet feels like an extension of the Google ecosystem. Additionally, features like Live Translate and Assistant make the Pixel Tablet a productivity powerhouse.


Cameras: Capable But Not Class-Leading

The Pixel Tablet features an 8MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. While the image quality is decent for casual video calls and document scanning, the tablet’s price point prohibits it from delivering the quality that flagship smartphones offer.

While the Pixel Tablet may be a feast for the eyes, for audiophiles though, it delivers morsels of pleasure. There are four speakers and three microphones on this device. The sound is okay from the integrated speakers but the experience is lifted a couple of notches when the tablet is attached to the charging dock as a richer sound is delivered through the speaker on the dock itself (a bit about that in a while).

Battery Life: All-Day Performance

The Pixel Tablet boasts a 8000mAh battery, which translates to a decent battery life. The battery can be charged by attaching the tablet to the included charging dock or by a USB-C charger (sold separately).

The Pixel Dock: Transforming Your Tablet into a Smart Hub

One of the Pixel Tablet’s biggest selling points is the aforementioned Dock. This magnetic dock not only charges the tablet but also transforms it into a smart display for your home. Once docked, the Pixel Tablet integrates seamlessly with Google Assistant, allowing for voice commands to control your smart home devices, display photos, or act as a digital photo frame.

Summing Up

As I mentioned at the beginning, the Google Pixel Tablet represents an evolutionary step forward when it comes to integrating smart technology into our lives. Part of me would like to hope that more thought goes into the initial R&D of such devices as this tablet attempts to cover as many bases as possible but in the end feels like a work in progress. This could be a result of technology advancing faster than the ability to manufacture a laudable product. If you are planning on staying on the information superhighway as it twists and turns through the digital landscape, the Google Pixel Tablet is a valuable and worthy companion to have… Although a much better one will be along any minute.

To find the current price for a Google Pixel Tablet, I recommend checking online retailers like Google Store, electronics stores such as JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman, or online marketplaces like Amazon Australia. Additionally, you can visit the official Google website or contact authorized retailers for the most up-to-date pricing information.

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