Review: Swann’s 5MP Super NVR Security System

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we can no longer leave our doors unlocked. Crime is a problem that we all have to consider. You could string tin cans around your Property and cars, but I am sure that your neighbors would complain. There is an old proverb that says an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. What this means is a small investment now is worth many times more than what you could potentially lose. That is why investing in a quality Security System is a smart choice for protecting your family and property. Why is it important to have a high-quality Security System? Why would Swann’s Security System be a wise choice?


There are many low-cost cameras on the market.  Some questions you should ask before buying a Security System is: How detailed are your recording? How will this Security System scare away the lawbreaker? How sensitive is the sensor? If you had a Quality System like Swann’s you might have scared them off or at least have a quality recording to give to law enforcement officers.

Prevention facts

What about preventing problems in the first place. Swann’s system includes a Sensor Spotlights that turns on and starts recording when it detects heat. The advantage of this is that it help reduce false alarms. It also includes both a 2 Way audio and Sirens that allows you the power to scare off the unwanted pest. Most users agree that the prevention of a crime is better than the hassle of reporting a crime.

Graphic facts

Swann’s has come up with a system that can potentially solve all these issues. 5MP Super High Definition Camera to catch amazing Details. Ability to see clear details like license plates and even faces. Many customers are surprised at how crisp and detailed the pictures can be. What about at night or in low light conditions? Swann System has an amazingly detailed infrared night vision mode that can see up to 115ft away in total darkness. It can also see colors in the total darkness up to 100ft away. Why is this important? Knowing what color of vehicle or clothing could be very useful to the right people. Being able to get a clear image of someone face will leave very little doubt about who was messing with your property. To get the best performance from your cameras does mean either hiring a professional or spending the time to get the best display setting for your environment. The placement of cameras along with the light conditions will very how effective your system can be.

Audio facts

It also has a crystal clear audio. This may seem unimportant, but to law enforcement every detail counts. Have you ever tried to order food through a drive through speaker? If so you know how important clear audio is.The sound quality is surprisingly clear. Some customers have noted that they could clearly hear conversations from very far away.

Memory facts

A camera system without memory storage is just a bluff, like putting a sign that says beware of attack bunny. Swann’s System includes a massive 2TB of local storage. That translates into about 150 days of storage with no fees. You can also set the system to download the recording to the cloud. This will provide another layer of memory. Most people keep electronic devices nearby, so depending on how you set up your system you could be notified of any movement near your property, allowing you to manually control how your system responds.

Wired System

A wireless camera may seem better, but the truth is that a wired system is more reliable. Using a plug and play Ethernet cord is both easier and better than any wireless system. Why take a chance that bad weather or stray radio signals will temporary mess up your signal. Ethernet cords are a reliable way to transmit both audio and visual signals.


  • Easy setup for hardware
  • Excellent file storage for both onsite
  • Easy to upload videos to the cloud
  • Clear video
  • Night vision
  • Heat vision
  • Clear audio


  • Software contains so many setting, you may have to have an expert’s help to get the best performance from this System

In Conclusion

In conclusion the Swann’s 12 Camera 16 Channel 5MP Super NVR Security System would be a wise choice for your Security needs. It is up to the challenge of whatever your on sight security needs are.

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