Review: Zhiyun-Tech Smooth 5S Phone Gimbal

The other day when I mentioned to a friend that I may be reviewing a gimbal, I got asked “what’s a gimbal?” And I kind of had to google it to explain it properly. So according to our internet overlords… “A gimbal is a device that allows for smooth and stable video footage, even when the camera is moving. This is especially useful for capturing action shots or footage while on the move…“  Sounds good… Now we’re up to speed, what can I tell you about the Zhiyun Smooth 5s? 

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Review: Elegoo Neptune 2S 3D Printer – High Quality, Low Price

Unless you haven’t been paying attention, 3d printing has really exploded on the maker and hobbyist scene over the last 5 years and has grown way past being a super-niche pastime. Fuelling the growth and penetration of 3d printers in the market place have been a slew of start up companies who are doing their utmost to make 3d printing ubiquitous and accessible to the general public. Elegoo is one of those who’s name has become synonymous with 3d printing. Founded in 2015 in Shenzhen, Elegoo made their name...

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Which WD Product to Pick to Make the Most of Your New Computer

There are only a few companies with the lineage and longevity of Western Digital. In fact, I’m not sure I can remember a time when I didn’t have a WD® drive or some sort of product by them on my desk, in my pocket or connected to my computer full of my personal files. And I bet you didn’t realize that their My Book™ product line was released as far back as 2006. With their remarkable history and presence in the market, WD has been an unparalleled companion to...

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Review: Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller

Here’s the thing, when reviewing an Xbox/PC controller like the Nacon Revolution X, it’s kinda complicated. You have to ask a lot of questions before you get to any sensible answers. The Xbox comes with their own controllers, and let’s be real here, most of them are very similar. They have to be, that’s the point. Microsoft effectively defines the minimum number of buttons, the joysticks, D-pad, triggers and the the XYAB buttons. Every other controller has to be at least as good as the included ones that came...

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Review: EPOS H6 Pro Open

Following the releases of the H3 and GSP 602, Epos has come to the market with the H6 pro, designed for a higher tier of gaming and an improved, premium sound experience. It has a gorgeous design and is built to last. Let’s get into it! I have a confession. It’s true. I’m not the gamer and audiophile I make myself out to be. So for this review I have recruited my son who lives every day in an audio enhanced soundscape while gaming, listening to music, discussing the...

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Dawn of the Connected Caravan

When Head of Product Media Relations, Dirk Ellenbech decided to go on a caravanning tour to the UK he brought with him not only a shiny comfy camper van but also a slew of IoT and connected Vodafone products. We caught up with Dirk, his wife, their dog and a camper van bristling with smart tech at Battersea Park in London. One of the key features of this vehicle is security. With camper van theft and resale, a huge problem in Germany and across the EU, Dirk decided that...

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