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Review: Aqara Sensor – Smart Home Must-Haves

More and more homeowners are choosing to enhance their home’s security and comfort through smart home systems. While smart devices were insanely pricey in the past, fortunately, they’ve become accessible and affordable thanks to companies such as Aqara. Through their two new devices, the Aqara Door & Window Sensor Alarm and Wireless Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Aqara has proven (yet again) that smart technology doesn’t have to be eye-wateringly expensive. In this article, let’s test out Aqara’s smart devices to see if they live up to the standards...

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Review: D-Link All-Weather Full HD WiFi Camera – Home Security Made Simple

As the borders open up and holidays are being booked, it’s also a great time to think about home security. There are loads of products on the market now from an array of manufacturers which we have reviewed here and here. D-Link recently released what I think is one of the best ‘connected cameras’ on the market. The D-Link All-Weather Full HD WiFi Camera.

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Samsung A30 Smart Lock

Samsung has just released their A30 Smart Lock via Bunnings with an RRP of $569. The WiFi-connected Smart Lock is the perfect addition to any existing security door providing award-winning design and security.

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