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If you're looking for the best possible WiFi coverage, then look no further than the D-Link M32 Eagle Pro AI AX3200 Mesh with WiFi 6. With the latest WiFi speed of up to 3.2Gbps, this router is perfect for streaming 4K video, gaming and chatting with friends and family. Plus, it comes with dual-band WiFi to ensure your devices get the best connection possible. Plus, the mesh smart roaming features mean you're always connected to the strongest signal.
The folks over at Hestan, makers of the Hestan Cue smart cooking system, have kindly agreed to extend a permanent discount of 20% off to all of SonnyDickson’s readers going forward, just by shopping at our custom link at The Hestan Cue Shop.  No coupon needed – just go wild!
There are lights and then there are Philips Hue lights. With almost unlimited colour and brightness combinations as well as impressive energy efficiency, the Philips Hue lights will transform any and every room in your home with ease and warmth.