Review: Monoprice True Wireless Earphones – Active Noise Cancelling is a Sound Purchase

It is said that variety is the spice of life. However, variety can be a 2 edge sword. That of having too many options. Personally, I can attest to struggling to make a decision in an ocean of options. You can find that true with all sorts of items: cars, music, food, and in this particular case, headphones. It normally comes down to balancing Comfort, Quality, and Cost. Over the years, I was in the habit of using my old wired headphones to speak on the phone and participate...

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Review: Soundcore Motion Boom Outdoor Speaker

Being a part of Generation X means that you grew up during the 80s, and music is an important influence in a part of your life. So many of us went from eight tracks to iPhones. My first official music purchase was the Eagles hotel California on Cassette, and I paid $14. I know generations before us had to go to a place that had music for them, or they had to find a place to listen to music; however, in my lifetime, you carried your music with you....

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Review: Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L

There’s one thing that I do not like to do when traveling or going anywhere. Is when I have to carry anything with me. In most cases, if I didn’t have to take money, credit cards, or a phone, I would travel empty-handed. Maybe it was due to bad memories of high school lugging all my books around, but it seems like such a literal drag on me physically to have to bring anything with me. I just got to the point where I avoid bringing anything at all.

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Review: Plugable USB Docking Station – More Than Just a Hub

I recall my introductory computing class in middle school. One of our vocabulary words was peripheral. To this day, I have trouble pronouncing it correctly, and don’t ask me to spell it without the aid of a spellchecker. It is defined as a term meaning, Peripheral: connected to a computer but not an essential part of it. Back then, most of the computers were a single unit. But we knew that a Peripheral could be a light pen or a mouse. The teacher told us a mouse was easier...

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Review: Under Armor’s Latest Innovation in Bluetooth Footwear

Our clothes say much about us—specifically, the shoes on your feet. Likewise, your footwear or the lack of it can say much about you. Sometimes we might even sadly say, “He does not even have a pair of shoes.” Indicating the economic status of an individual, that they must be underprivileged. Many a restaurant even has a rule including “No shoes .. no service”. On the other hand, shoes can denote a bit of accomplishment or refined taste. I recall one teacher in secondary school could identify a type...

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Review: OWC Envoy Express Thunderbolt Enclosure – DIY Addition

Three things come in limited supply—Time, Space, and Money. The challenge comes in balancing all of them. That can be especially true when it comes to our laptops. To be mobile, they are generally light and expensive. However, they are sadly limited in space. That is to say, insufficient memory. You may find the easiest way to expand your device’s memory capacity is an external storage medium. OWC has come up with a way to help you stay within those three, your Time, Space, and Money. The Envoy Express...

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