Review: Under Armor’s Latest Innovation in Bluetooth Footwear

Our clothes say much about us—specifically, the shoes on your feet. Likewise, your footwear or the lack of it can say much about you. Sometimes we might even sadly say, “He does not even have a pair of shoes.” Indicating the economic status of an individual, that they must be underprivileged. Many a restaurant even has a rule including “No shoes .. no service”. On the other hand, shoes can denote a bit of accomplishment or refined taste. I recall one teacher in secondary school could identify a type...

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Review: OWC Envoy Express Thunderbolt Enclosure – DIY Addition

Three things come in limited supply—Time, Space, and Money. The challenge comes in balancing all of them. That can be especially true when it comes to our laptops. To be mobile, they are generally light and expensive. However, they are sadly limited in space. That is to say, insufficient memory. You may find the easiest way to expand your device’s memory capacity is an external storage medium. OWC has come up with a way to help you stay within those three, your Time, Space, and Money. The Envoy Express...

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